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Program Supervisior

Jocelyn is profoundly deaf and Vineyard's lead director. Growing up, Jocelyn's mother had an in-home daycare, Miller's Munchkins, for 25 years, Jocelyn was surrounded by children daily. She assisted during the months when she wasn't at sport camps. Jocelyn has also been a summer nanny.

Jocelyn's goal at Vineyard is to be a deaf advocate for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing children in the Fargo/Moorhead area. She encourages the parents to include ASL as their dual language for education accessibility. Besides working, Jocelyn enjoys designing shirts, DIY, deer hunting and fishing. She also loves spending time with her husband and her 3 fur babies.


Language Model

Kathryn is profoundly deaf along with her sister who is also Hard-of-Hearing. Kathryn is a mother of 6 who are also CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). Kathryn grew up with SEE and has been transitioning to ASL as she loves the deaf connections that gives her communication access. Kathryn teaches American Sign Language classes at Vineyard as she is the ASL Coordinator and hopes to bring fun to her students in class. Out of work, Kathryn enjoys spending time with her family (kids sports and activities) & friends, gardening/canning, and selling Herbalife teas and shakes. Kathryn's goal is to help people have a dual language during her ASL classes and while working with Preschool kids. 


Early Childhood

bio coming soon.


Language Model

bio coming soon.


Language Model

Kerry Wahl is profoundly deaf and has two daughters who are CODA (Child of Deaf Adult). Kerry is a one-on-one specialist who will be working with deaf children to learn their language and help them identify who they are. Outside of work, Kerry also works at Amazon. Besides working, Kerry enjoys spending time with her friends and family and improve her lifestyle by going to the gym.


Language Model

Benie Mekoulom is profoundly deaf and only deaf in her family. Benie was born hearing, however she became deaf at the age of 5, there was no ASL communication for her until she moved to America to learn. Now she is enjoying her life teaching other kids learn ASL as they grow up. She is very impressed with the kids that are learning ASL as a dual language as they pick up quickly! Outside of work, Benie enjoys hanging out with friends & family, sewing, & be creative with art.

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