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American Sign Language Classes

We primarily serve classes for infants/parents, toddlers/parents, elementary students, high school students, home school, adults, and family classes. During these classes you will be exposed by a deaf mentor.

If your child is already enrolled for V2G Immersion Academy, they will already be learning American Sign Language throughout their day at the center.

At this moment, we are accepting enrollment interests and will be in touch!

There are different ASL class opportunities for you to select from based on your preferences!


If you are unsure with the price, please don't hesitate to email us as we have a personal sponsorship letter for you to ask a sponsor to help you cover the ASL education cost.

8 weeks IN-PERSON (group class)

This class is based on what the mentor has to offer! Vineyard has multiple mentors so if you do not see a schedule that fits your schedule keep an eye out for other opportunities, unless you chose a private class option! (next option)

Price range is $65 - $75.

(It depends on the mentor as this is a freelance opportunity for our mentors.)


8 weeks IN-PERSON (private)

Based on your schedule preferences, we will match you with a mentor that can fit their schedule with yours! You will meet with a mentor for 60 minutes a week.

Price: $200

If more than 4 family members, an additional $25 is added per member.


8 weeks VIRTUAL SELF PACED class

Self paced virtual curriculum and follow up with a mentor weekly one-on-one for 25 minutes to review the lesson and to ask any general questions!

Price: $125

ASL Classes Available
(Coming Soon)

More Questions?

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