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ASL Immersion Academy Program

American Sign Language Immersion Academy is owned and governed by Vineyard 2nd Generation, a non-profit organization ran by the board of directors.


We serve children who are Deaf or hard of hearing, their siblings, and hearing children who want a dual language experience. We strive to provide an environment where Deaf and hard-of-hearing children can learn a language while promoting equality by including all kids regardless of their hearing status.


We are creating an environment where hearing status is not a factor in language acquisition. Due to the lack of resources, most Deaf/Hard of hearing do not begin their language development journey until preschool or kindergarten. A delay like this causes a deficit in language development and sets these kids way behind their hearing peers.

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Our primary goal at our American Sign Language Immersion Academy is to provide an inclusive, safe, loving, and secure learning environment for children while they are away from home. Our program is designed to promote the social, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children through learning experiences in a natural language environment that is developmentally age appropriate.

Based on the theory that children learn through play, daily activities explained in ASL will encourage active involvement and meaningful experimentation within a play-like atmosphere while broadening the children's language skills at the same time. Our Pre-school program will be working on Kindergarten readiness while we work on building our curriculum.

Follow the ND COVID-19 Policy

Daily temperature checks

Toys & supplies sanitized

Daily deep cleans

Parents may enroll their child(ren) at the center or via email to our site director. If your child(ren) cannot be enrolled immediately, they will be placed on the wait list.

Growing Futures Certified

First Aid | CPR Certified

Fluent in ASL & English

Early Childhood Background




We are licensed by North Dakota Department of Human Services; therefore we meet the requirements to operate as a Licensed Child Care Facility. ASL Immersion Academy is an equal opportunity provider. We accept applications for admission and employment from any race, religion, gender, nation origin, or color. Care is provided for families with many different backgrounds and beliefs. ASL Immersion Academy does not teach religious education, however we do focus on learning how to love, care, and respect our fellow friends/citizens regardless of their status or religious ethnic background. 

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6 weeks - 18 months

Full time availability

Price : contact director


18 months - 3 years

Full time availability

Price : contact director

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3 years - 5 years

Full time availability

Price : contact director


5 years - 12 years

Full time availability

Price : contact director

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If you are interested in applying to enroll with V2G please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!

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