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We are here to offer a  learning environment where there are no barriers or isolation for any child.

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Vineyard 2nd Generation and the ASL Immersion Academy programs offer a childcare learning environment where there are no barriers or isolation for any child. Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing children will be exposed daily to a linguistically enriched visual language environment while their siblings and other hearing children will learn American Sign Language along side of them. As a direct result, meaningful relationships will be formed and language deprivation and isolating will be diminished for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing children.

All children and their families will be exposed to Deaf language models, Deaf culture, the Deaf community and many other resources available to support an inclusive population. Equitable wages and compensation for Deaf language models will help reduce economic struggles, provide an inclusive work environment and give enjoyment and stability to the operations of a licensed childcare learning center.

All inclusive environment

Our management team has a unique experience in the industry including: a multiple perspective of language acquisition and the importance of language first. We are a team made up with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals, Deaf professionals, linguistic specialists, teacher of the Deaf, sign language interpreters, parents of Deaf children, and CODA's (Child of Deaf Adult).

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